Home-Start: support & friendship for families Home-Start: support & friendship for families
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Home-Start West Berkshire: What We Offer?

  • A volunteer with parenting experience to visit parents with young children at home. The volunteer offers tailor-made one-to-one support, regularly - usually on a weekly basis.
  • Emotional support to help parents find ways to manage and resolve problems.
  • Direct support for children including playing, listening, having fun, establishing routines, encouraging development and providing opportunities for outings and treats.
  • Practical help with getting to appointments, doing the shopping, budgeting, nutrition and meal planning, cooking and making the home safe.
  • Outreach and family groups so parents can get out, meet others, and become more involved in their own community.
  • Information and links to other organisations including health and educational services.
  • Attendance at meetings and moral support, especially in relation to dealing with case conferences or solicitors and court cases.
  • Access to parenting advice and parenting skills training.

Who Do We Help?

Home-Start West Berkshire offers friendship and support to all families with one child under the age of 5 across the area who require non-judgemental practical and emotional support to help to build the families confidence and ability to cope.

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It has been clearly shown that the Home-Start model works equally well in inner cities, suburbia, rural areas and on, for example military bases. It is based on a clear focus on securing the wellbeing of children and families, good organisation and supervision, and partnership with the statutory agencies. It generates goodwill in the community, builds on the positives and is a channel for some remarkably creative engagement with families.

Lord Laming CBE